Introducing Our Micro-Storage Locker

Published on 2/8/2023

We at Red Hills Storage have recently introduced a new storage unit: our micro-storage locker. Our lockers can be a versatile and convenient solution for individuals and businesses alike. If you're looking for a secure place to store items that won't fit in your home or office, one of our storage lockers may be the perfect solution for you. With dimensions of 32 inches wide x 52 inches tall x 75 inches long, this type of storage unit is versatile enough to store a variety of items. Here are just a few of the many uses for a storage locker:

  1. Bicycle Storage: If you're an avid cyclist, you know how difficult it can be to store your bike indoors. With a storage locker, you can keep your bike safe and secure without sacrificing valuable space in your home or office. The ample height of the locker will easily accommodate most bicycles, and the wide, open interior will give you plenty of room to maneuver. Plus, if you’re unsure about storing an expensive bike, you can rest assured your bike will be safe behind our gate and on our live-monitored security system!

  2. Tool Storage: Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, a storage locker can be a great place to store your tools and equipment. With ample space for larger items such as power tools, ladders, and lawn equipment, you can keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

  3. Material Storage: If you're a hobbyist, crafter, or artist, a storage locker can be an ideal place to store your supplies, materials, and finished products. With a wide range of dimensions, you can store large canvases, rolls of fabric, and other items without worrying about them becoming damaged or taking up valuable space in your home or office.

  4. Seasonal Item Storage: Whether you're storing holiday decorations, winter sports equipment, or summer patio furniture, a storage locker can be a convenient and secure place to store your seasonal items. With ample space and a secure lock, you can rest assured that your items will be safe and protected.

  5. Business Storage: If you're a small business owner, a storage locker can be an affordable and convenient way to store excess inventory, equipment, and supplies. With ample space and secure access, you can keep your business running smoothly without sacrificing valuable floor space.

These are just a few of the many potential uses for our storage lockers. If you're looking for a secure, convenient place to store your belongings, a storage locker from Red Hills Storage may be the perfect solution for you. Call us today at 435-635-0697 or rent online!