The Ultimate Bicycle Storage Solution: Discover Red Hills’ Storage’s Bike-Sized Lockers

Published on 3/15/2024

Storing bicycles safely and securely is a concern of many, especially in urban environments where space is at a premium and theft rates can be high. Bicycles are not just modes of transportation—for many, they are significant investments or even cherished prized possessions. The challenge for cyclists that don’t have a lot of space is finding a storage solution that not only protects these assets from the elements, but also secures them from theft.

bike storage lockers at Red Hills Storage

Red Hills Storage addresses this need with a unique offering: our bike-sized micro-storage locker units that were designed with bikes in mind. These lockers provide a solution for security, space efficiency, and accessibility, making them the perfect choice for those looking to keep their bikes safe. Whether you’re an avid cyclist needing to protect your high-end equipment, or a casual ebike rider that needs storage space, Red Hills Storage has this storage need covered.

The Need for Bicycle Storage

Cycling has surged in popularity as both a form of exercise and a sustainable mode of transportation, especially when considering the growth in popularity of ebikes (electric bikes) that have made cycling more accessible to more casual riders. This increase in popularity has brought with it a need for effective bicycle storage solutions, particularly in dense populated areas where space is limited and most people don’t want to keep their bikes in their dwelling space.

One of our customers’ experiences highlights this issue vividly. After purchasing a new home in town with a detached garage, he believed his $5,500 road bike was safe. However, within just weeks, the garage was broken into, and the bike was stolen. This loss wasn’t just financial, but also personal, as this particular bike also held significant sentimental value to him. Although he was unaware of our bicycle storage lockers at the time, this customer has since purchased a locker from us and uses it at his home to better secure his remaining bicycles. These lockers were designed to mitigate such risks, providing a safe space outside of the home for your bicycles and even other like-sized belongings you wish to protect.

The Micro-Storage Locker: Perfect for Storing Bicycles and Ebikes

Now let’s take a look at our micro-storage locker units, which were designed and built with cyclists in mind. These lockers are not just another storage option; they are a bespoke solution for the bicycle community, designed to address and resolve common concerns of storage and security.

Bike Locker Details & Dimensions

Each locker measures 32 inches wide x 52 inches tall x 75 inches deep. These dimensions were chosen specifically to ensure that nearly any type or size of bicycle can be accommodated comfortably within. Our analysis of bike sizes—considering the average and maximum dimensions—shows that our lockers can fit almost all bicycles, and in some cases, even two bicycles. While tandem bikes may pose a challenge due to their length, removing the front wheel often allows them to fit in the locker.

Built for Bike Security

Constructed from a thick 16-gauge steel, our lockers are impenetrable fortresses for your bicycles. The material choice not only makes them extremely sturdy, but also quite heavy, deterring any attempts to move or tamper with the locker. The doors, at 30-inches wide, were built to accommodate a variety of locking mechanisms to suit different preferences and security levels. From standard door locks and keypads to smart locks that can be integrated into home security systems for real-time alerts, the flexibility is there. For our lockers onsite at Red Hills Storage, we use simple handles and hasps that allow the locker to be secured with a padlock—a reliable and simple solution where we already have several layers of protection.

Bike Storage for Urban Cyclists

The specifications and features of these bike storage lockers are a direct response to the unique needs of cyclists in cities and towns. Their compact and modular design ensures that even those with limited yard/driveway/garage space can securely store their bikes. For those opting to buy and install a locker at their residence, the option to use smart locks offers an added convenience and security level, connecting directly to home Wi-Fi for instant notifications when the locker is opened.

How to Get Your Bike Locker Unit

Renting a micro-storage locker unit for your bicycle at Red Hills Storage is a straightforward process. Simply visit our rental page and choose the Micro-Storage Locker. From here, it will walk you through the rental process, inputting your information, payment information, and completing the rental agreement.

We are offering a referral discount program for customers right now, too. So, if you enjoy your locker unit and refer a friend who becomes a customer, you’ll receive $20 off your next month’s rent, which in the case of the bike locker, means your next month’s rent would be completely covered.

For those who are customers at another self-storage facility but are interested in our lockers, we would encourage you to suggest our lockers to the management of your current facility.

If you’re concerned about the distance to Red Hills Storage or would prefer a personal storage solution at home, we offer the option to rent or purchase a locker for installation at your residence. This option provides the ultimate convenience and security right at your doorstep. Reach out to us directly by phone or email to discuss this type of arrangement.

Don’t let storage challenges compromise your cycling experience. Contact Red Hills Storage today to start protecting your bicycles and ebikes in our bike lockers. Even if you’re not an avid road cyclist and just have an ebike for the occasional outdoor adventure, your expensive assets deserve the best protection—and we’re here to provide it.

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