Red Hills Recommends: Explore Snow Canyon with Kova Rentals

Published on 2/20/2024

New Blog Series

In our new series, Red Hills Recommends, we'll be highlighting local businesses around St George and Washington that we believe can add to a positive experience in our area. In self storage, many of our customers are not necessarily visiting, but are in a long process of moving to the area. We hope that these recommendations can be a help to these newcomers as they get to know Southern Utah and St George. First up is Kova Rentals, an automated ebike rental services located near Snow Canyon.
For those newly-moved to Southern Utah who want to get out and explore the outdoors, there's no better place in the immediate area of St George than Snow Canyon State Park. For an outdoor adventure in Snow Canyon, we've personally enjoyed and now recommend Kova Rentals. Their service is fully automated, allowing for an easy online booking process, digital waivers, and a no-hassle pickup using a door code they provide. They send instructional video ahead of your rental and have clear signage at their unmanned pickup location at the Ledge Golf Course. It's all slick and easy to use, and in the multiple times we've used the service with visiting family and friends, we've never had an issue.
What sets Kova apart is its simplicity. There's no traditional shop or upsale pressure. You simple pick a helmet off a rack they provide and ride your ebike out to start your adventure. It's an innovative model that's perfect for both ebike novices and seasoned riders looking or a quick and straightforward rental experience.
For those new to the area, or if you have visitors, Kova Rentals offers a unique and enjoyable way to explore Snow Canyon State Park.
At Kova, they highlight the more casual adventures that people can have. Not everyone is up for intense high adventure activities, so the complete lack of focus on mountain biking and single track is a bit of relief for people like us. Their bikes are high quality step-thru cruiser-style ebikes; meant entirely for paved trails and leisurely rides. Perfect for use low-intensity explorers.

The Kova Guide to Snow Canyon

Kova Rentals has actually just recently released their own guide, the Kova Guide to Snow Canyon. This guide provides safety tips for ebiking around the park and highlights several points of interest for hiking, sightseeing, and other types of adventures. And just like their service, their guide is focused on the approachable activities that don't require expertise and experience. 

You can find the guide here.

Learn more about renting ebikes with Kova Rentals here.