Top Tips for Decluttering and Organizing Your Home

Published on 3/24/2023

A cluttered and disorganized home can be overwhelming and stressful. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to declutter and organize your home, making it a more peaceful and welcoming space. Here are our top tips for decluttering and organizing your home:

Start small: Don't try to tackle your entire home in one day. Start with one room or even one section of a room, and work your way from there.

Use the 3-box method: Label three boxes "keep," "donate," and "throw away." As you go through each item in your designated area, decide which box it belongs in.

Get rid of duplicates: If you have multiple items that serve the same purpose, consider getting rid of the duplicates.

Create a designated spot for everything: Assign a specific spot for each item, and make sure to put it back in its place when you're done using it.

Utilize storage containers: Use storage containers to keep similar items together and to keep them easily accessible.

By following these tips, you can declutter and organize your home, creating a more welcoming and peaceful environment. And if you find that you still have items you want to keep, consider renting a self-storage unit to store them safely and securely.